Hotfix patch [Sept 20, 2018]

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Hotfix patch [Sept 20, 2018]

Beitrag von Uwe Hellwig » Sep 20, '18, 13:00

Fixed the bug where DEagle magazine was not spawning.
DEagle animations and montages update
DEagle animations and montages fine tuning
Fixed a bug where items would disappear after relogging in Single Player. (More on Multiplayer down bellow)
Removed Santa Claus clothes from spawning. (Sorry guys need to wait about 95 days for this one!)
Disabled blue flash on item creation
Fixed loaded vicinity items not being auto destroyed (Only SP fix, as only SP was affected, some items were not destroyed as they should be, now they will be destroyed).
Fixed Island Wall Gaps (No more freedom)
Changed weight on bullet vest from 2 to 15kg

Regarding boxes and shelters disappearing in Multiplayer, through internal testing we could not reproduce the bug, although we will continue to try to reproduce it further. Please keep in mind that its possible that some chests and shelters were destroyed by other players.