Patch Notes [Sept 18, 2018]

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Patch Notes [Sept 18, 2018]

Beitrag von Uwe Hellwig » Sep 18, '18, 14:18

Various client/server performance tweaks
Added Atlas LODs for Factory Hangar 01 (cleanup old LOD fbx files)
Projectile initial lifespan reduced to 6 seconds
Increased server tick rate
Added Atlas and bake LODs for Silo Factory and Hangar to Chimney bridge (edited materials, added textures)
Added new Atlases and recreated all new LODs for Jail Entrance Building Bridge01/02/03
Refinery elements - Added Extra Lods (Distant City optimization)
Added Atlas LODs for Jail Workshop
Added silver version of DEagle .50 and .357 that can be found through the world.
Fixed a bug where it was possible to add an item to a container inside a container (e.g. backpack inside a backpack), should fix an item duplicating exploit
Added admin command #SetTime to control server time
Disabled pace adjustment with the scroll wheel in inventory
Added DEagle to event loadout (You can use the silver ones in events)
Actions which need a selected item should by default take the item in hands into account (You do not need to select the item in your hands anymore to perform various actions: Fire starting, can opening, etc... but the corresponding item for the action still needs to be in hands)
Disabled prisoner visibility hiding in first person view, if not camouflaged. (Players won't pop invisible/visible randomly in first person anymore)
Tweaked footsteps attenuations. (Lowered the radius of footstep sounds)
Added distinct sound to granades when they impact with the ground
Landscape C_4, D_4 grass.flushcache (Fixed a bug where on D4 was no foliage)
Prison - Added Extra loot packages (Cover)
Fixed collision on barracks where you were stuck in it.

Do not forget to update your game, and give the servers about 1h time to finish patching!