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Patch Notes

Beitrag von Uwe Hellwig » Sep 5, '18, 21:22

NOTE: To enable single-player save, we needed to change save files format. This means that all characters on all servers have been wiped. Sorry for the inconvenience, we'll try to make wipes as less frequent as possible. Please don't forget that game is still under heavy development so things like this can happen.

Added first wave of server optimization that should decrease lag.
Fixed Prisoner stats not being saved in singleplayer mode
Fixed shelter and storage box saving in single player
Added cap to negative fame penalty on kill (Can't lose more than 20 now)
Localization update, added German and Russian
Projectile actor is always relevant. (This fixed the bug where you didnt hear gun shoots behind your back)
Enabled character leaning while in melee combat mode and jogging/sprinting
Fixed bug where prisoner would recover from ragdoll on a vastly different location than he went into ragdoll.
Fixed glass on Hangar_01 Now awarenes should work. (Now you should see a player through the glass not just the gun flying around, also Sentries can see you through it now)
Fixed time dilation exploit for movement speed (speedhack)
Fixed Rendering distances on Airport (Buildings render further, so you wont see people flying around)
Adjusted temperature calculation while in water. (You get colder faster)
Fixed weapon models where they would look distorded on low settings. (also fixed that on a lot of items)
Added new sentry voice
Fixing Crossroar collisions (Where Sentry was getting stuck)
Sentry now only gives out one warning, even if player complies and leaves the area it will engage on sight next time
Fixed 1 sec bug for NoSkill Make Shelter, added times 25,20,15,10 sec for NoSkill/Basic/Medium/Advanced
Entering and leaving multiplayer submenu should not freeze for a second anymore
Enabled admin commands in singleplayer.
#ListAssets Item|Character [<Filter>]
#SpawnItem <Asset> [<Count>]
#SpawnCharacter <Asset> [<Count>]
#Teleport <Steam ID, Steam Name or Character Name> [<X> <Y> <Z>]
#SetFamePoints <Value> [<Steam ID, Steam Name or Character Name>]